Future Racing

With the console wars heating up as November approaches one thing’s for certain, racing fans have a great year ahead of them as we find the two next-generation platforms bringing a total of five racing titles. And that’s a lot of game!

First party opposition: continuing Microsoft’s and Sony’s successful franchises are the two quintessential racing simulators Forza 5 and Gran Turismo 7 (rumored). Being incredibly valuable franchises these games are built to “represent” horse-power; showcase absurd graphics, upgraded AI and physics in hopes of winning consumers. At a crucial time such as this, not having a racing title in the bank equals missed opportunity.

Then we have our three big-budget arcade style racers with their take on innovative multiplayer; Drive Club and The Crew which bring the element of “Team” to racing to open-roads, the latter going as far as taking you through every state in America. Not to forget the next entry in the pseudo action acing genre Need for Speed, Rivals. There is no doubt all these games look great, offering very diverse online experiences with some really enticing features, such as Forza’s Driveatar which creates player AI’s so friends can play friends even when they are offline, NFS without the seams via Alldrive and managing/playing teams through events in Drive Club and The Crew.

“The more the merrier”

Fortunately we gamers love choice – As I said, its going to be a good year for racing fans. Like the genre or not, everybody inevitably does own a racing game. And it seems like even I’ll have to get my fix until the rumored sequel to my personal favorite Forza Horizon arrives.

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