Halo 5, In with the Old & New

Hats off to 343! I don’t know about you but the Halo 5 Guardians Beta reveal blew my mind. Does it not look incredible? This is a quick post so I’m going to go through this in an extremely crappy manner:

Shields don’t recharge when sprinting – Awesome. Finally no more loadouts .Yes to descope. Those fluid thruster movements. Doesn’t hold back on the eye candy. 60fps for those who care. E-sport-esque vibe.

Not so much: those ability effects seem held back (beta maybe). Not a fan of the ground pound – too Destiny (which reminds I owe it to myself to write a bitch-piece on Bungie).

Anyhow you should be interested – the beta starts on 29th of December and runs a whole month. To access it you’ll need that Master Chief Collection though. Unfortunately I’ll be travelling that whole month so wont be able to join in – I guess twitch will have to do.


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